Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Island King Grill – Ahi Tuna and Filet Mignon Crisps

The Island King made these last night and they were amazing!

Here's the recipe if you want to give them a try.

Tostidos "Hint of Lime" chips
1 Pound Bacon
1 Bunch Scallions
1 Red Bell Pepper
2 Vine Ripe Tomatoes
Classic Cole Slaw Bag or Coarse Sliced Cabbage
2 Banana Peppers
16 oz Guacamole Dip
Sriracha Sauce
1/2 Pound Filet Mignon
½ Pound Fresh Tuna Steak Filet
Garlic Poweder
Onion Poweder
Black Pepper

Fry bacon till crispy then crush/chop with knife
Chop scallions ¼ inch thin from root to beginning of stalk
Slice green scallion stalks at 45 deg angle ¼ in thin.
Slice red bell pepper into 1” thin strips
Dice tomato as small as possible
Slice banana peppers very thin
Select curved unbroken chips

Filet Mignon preparation:
Sprinkle steak with garlic powder, onion powder, salt, and pepper
Sear over high heat. Meat should be seared on the outside and tartar on the inside.
Slice into very thin strips 1.5 inches in length

Tuna Preparation:
Sprinkle filet with garlic powder, onion powder, salt, and pepper
Sear over high heat. Filet should be seared on the outside and tartar on the inside.
Slice into very thin strips 1.5 inches in length

Place Tostido chip on plate
Add cole slaw slices
Add meat
Place diced tomato around meat
Place scallion on top of meat and around meat
Place small scoop of guacamole dip on meat
Place slice of red bell pepper on top of guacamole dip
Top with generous amount of crushed bacon

For spicy version continue by adding a banana pepper slice and 2 or 3 drops of Sriracha sauce.

To serve:
6 large chips per plate.
In the center of the plate put extra cole slaw, scallion, and tomato, top with guacamole.

Add cocktail shrimp to center of plate
Add lump crab meat on top of slaw, scallion and tomato in center of plate.

Makes about 48 crisps.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Stepping into the I age

We aren't exactly technology savvy and until the other day we've been using 1st generation Android phones.

They work fine for phone calls and texting but trying to run an app or get on the internet is a lot like the old internet dial up days. And they do drop a lot of calls.

A few days ago the Island King was on his phone and the phone dropped the call – yet again.

I'm not sure what happened next but the man snapped, grabbed a hammer and beat his phone to a pulp.

He's been saying for a while now that he needed a new phone but that all he wanted was something reliable for calls and texts. Which is why I was shocked when he came back from the store with a new Iphone.

That's a lot more than just a calling, texting kind of phone – which he soon found out.

Bless his heart. The man could barely figure out how to dial a number on it so off he went to his brother's house to get “I” schooled.

He came back home all excited about everything his phone would do and about this computer/woman who lived in his phone and would do whatever he told her to do.

You should know that he's always wanted to be married to Cherry 2000 or a Stepford Wife but he got me instead so this new Stepford computer/woman thing made him really happy.

Her name is Siri and he was over the top excited about her.

Yes, I know that everyone knows about Siri but he's a little behind the times.

So he tells me to watch this and he holds up his phone and tells Siri to send me a text message saying I love you.

Well, Miss Siri says “That's sweet but it's just not meant to be.”

What? Not only did she say that but she didn't send the text to my phone either.

We called the Island Girl in and she tells us that Siri has all kinds of stuff to say but she doesn't understand why the text message didn't come through.

Right about then the Island King gets a text from his brother saying “I love you too sweet cheeks”

Bwaaahhaaaa. Siri sent his I love you text to my BIL.

The Island Girl is laughing and telling us that we are dinosaurs and shouldn't have access to modern technology.

Why is it that if you lived before 300 tv channels and your remote was called a clicker, people automatically assume you're a dinosaur?

He still hasn't figured much out about his phone but he told me he won't be sending any I love you texts until he's sure they'll come to me and not a client or his brother.

He checked his email on the phone yesterday but then deleted it, thinking it would be on his computer at home but when he deleted the messages it wiped them off the server so he can't see them again.

I'm almost positive that it won't be long before he disables almost everything on the phone except Siri – I think he likes her.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

It's a Pelican Kind of Day

I found these pictures in a box last night and decided that today must be Pelican Day.

Monday, May 4, 2015

The Beach, Dinner on the Boat and Fireworks

Saturday was an exceptionally beautiful day and we were fortunate enough to spend it playing on the beach.

We took the boat and met up with my BIL and his family at the beach, where we spent the day relaxing and soaking up the sun.

The Oldest fished all day but only caught catfish and this Skipjack – all of which got thrown back.

He used to get really frustrated when he didn't catch anything but he's finally old enough to understand that it's called “fishing” and not “catching” for a reason. It's all about the process babe.

As the afternoon wore on I was surprised to see the fireworks barge come out of the harbor and anchor just yards away from us.

Destin's Thursday night fireworks don't start until Memorial Day but obviously there were going to be fireworks tonight.

Our plan was to head home before dark but when the fireworks barge anchors right next to you it's obviously a sign that you were meant to see the show, right?

I've always found fireworks magical and could watch them every night without getting bored.

My inlaws decided not to stay and headed home a little before sunset.

Our only problem was that we'd already eaten the lunch I brought and since the fireworks don't start until 9 I knew people would be cranky without dinner.

Luckily, that problem was REALLY easy to solve.

The Island King and the Oldest took the boat to Dewey's to get dinner.

I stayed on the beach while they were gone, enjoying a few minutes of alone time and watching the sun set.

As the sun was setting, a full moon had already risen and was as spectacular as the sun set.

It wasn't long before the Island King returned with a feast of shrimp and gumbo for us to eat on the boat. 

You can always count on good seafood from Dewey's.

Not long after we finished dinner the fireworks started. 

All of us really enjoy watching fireworks and we ooohh and aaahhh like we've never seen them before, which always makes me laugh.

It was an amazing day and I'm ready to do it again.