Monday, January 8, 2018

Pulled Over

I ran up to the Circle K last night to grab some milk and learned all about bicycle rules while I was there.

I was standing at the counter when this man walks in. Normal looking guy who can't wait to tell us his story.

He says they needed cat food and his wife convinced him to ride his bike to the store because he “needs the exercise.”

It was dark out and he didn't want to ride in the road so he was riding on the sidewalk.

A police car came up behind him and turned their blue lights on. The guy said he was looking around trying to figure out who was being pulled over when the deputy pulled up even with him, flashed his big light on him, got on the loudspeaker and told the guy to pull over.

The man said “So I put my kickstand down...”

Which sent me and everyone else in the store into hysterical laughter.

It turns out he was being “pulled over” because he didn't have a tail light on his bike.

He said he showed the deputy the reflector on the back of the bike but the deputy told him that you have to have an actual light in order to ride your bike at night.

He tells us the deputy gave him a warning, told him to get on to the store and then back home and not to ride his bike after dark again until he gets a tail light.

The Island King has always put front and back lights on our kid's bikes but to be honest I thought it was just so they'd be safe. I had no idea that the days of having a reflector have gone the way of standing on the front seat of the car next to Mom and that it's actually illegal to not have lights.

Which is a good thing but I still think getting “pulled over” on a bike is funny. 

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Pensacola's Graffiti Bridge Art

My sister sent me a text before Christmas asking which was my favorite – a dolphin, mermaid's tail, sea horse or manatee.

I immediately answered dolphin.

A few minutes later she sent another text telling me to pick another one.

Ok. It was a toss up between a manatee and a seahorse but I went with the seahorse.

Time went by and I forgot all about it but then on Christmas my sister handed me a gift.

She sat down and said “I need to explain what it is when you open it.”

That comment made me a little nervous so I cautiously opened the box and was pleasantly surprised to find this.

An absolutely gorgeous seahorse necklace.

Before I could ask what needed explaining she told me that this necklace is made from paint chips off the Graffiti Bridge.

She found a group of artists in Pensacola and what they do is collect paint chips from the bridge and then through a process they turn the paint chips into incredible jewelry.

Once the art is made the artists sell them in different shops around town. This one came from Angel's Garden. 

My sister said that when she sent me the text asking what sea creature I liked she didn't realize they were out of dolphins. Luckily they did have a seahorse.

I am so in love with this necklace. Not only is it beautiful but it's made from small pieces of Pensacola's history.

Thank you so much KD – I love it!!!

Friday, January 5, 2018

The Day After Christmas

Because my sister and her family spent Christmas Eve in New Orleans she wanted to do a family Christmas at her house the day after Christmas.

The Youngest had to work, again, and the Island King had a photo shoot that morning so as soon as he got back from his shoot we loaded the car and drove to Perdido Key.

My parents, Aunt and Uncle and lots of extended family were there and even though my sister looked exhausted we had a really good time.

My BIL smoked a prime rib and my Dad brought a turkey so we had another delicious dinner.

After dinner my sister and I were sitting at the table and when it was time to open presents my Aunt brought us matching boxes.

We opened them to find this.

Hmm. So my sister gets alcohol and I get lotion. Does that mean she's a drunk and I'm scaly? A few minutes later my Aunt handed me another box that looked just like the first one and I was sure there was rum in there.

Just as I started to open it she grabbed it and said “I messed up – this one is for your sister”

My name was written clearly on the tag but she insisted that was a mistake.

So my sister opened the present and it contained a bottle of lotion like the one I got.

Which gave us both a good laugh because she's a drunk AND she's scaly.

The Oldest Island Boy said later that watching me and my sister sitting there whispering and laughing made him laugh because even though he couldn't hear what we were saying he's sure we were making inappropriate remarks.

I will neither confirm nor deny that but I can tell you that no one makes me laugh as hard as my sister does.

He wanted to know what we were talking about but I told him that I can't say because not everyone has the same sense of humor that we do.

Which prompted the Island Girl to tell me that I should pull a Jackie O move and write a book which is not to be released until I'm dead. That way my kids can enjoy mine and my sister's humor without me having to worry about making anyone mad.

It's not a bad idea because there are some stories that my mother would KILL me for repeating but that are absolutely hilarious.

My sister and her family were tired from their trip and my BIL had to be at work early the next morning so everyone packed up and left pretty early.

But, just as everyone was getting ready to leave my Mom decided she wanted a boatload of pictures of everyone in front of the tree.

We were wrangling kids and people were trying to load their cars so it was extremely chaotic. At one point I was posing for a picture with Mom and my sister and I was laughing at the chaos and said under my breath that I was having trouble maintaining with all of the hullabaloo. My Mom asked what I'd just said and my BIL's sister said “She says she needs drugs!” and then snapped the picture.

The look on Mom's face cracks me up because it's a combination of a “smile for the camera” and “is she serious?”

We may have been in the car longer than we were at her house but I can tell you it was worth every minute of it.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Christmas Day

We woke up Christmas Morning and headed over to my MIL's house to spend the day with her and my BIL's family.

My BIL smoked a pork butt and we had a good old fashioned BBQ dinner. Which was delicious.

Everyone opened their presents and after we ate my MIL made an announcement.

She's got a GIANT piggy bank that she has been putting her change in for 19 years and she decided it was time to empty the bank.

She called the grandkids to the dining room table and told them that anyone who sat and counted it could have it.

The Youngest Island Boy had to work so he wasn't there and his brother and sister both agreed to count his share for him.

My niece, KW, also jumped up and took a seat at the table to claim her share.

My other niece and my nephew showed no interest at all which actually made the Oldest Island Boy, the Island Girl and KW very happy because that meant a four way split instead of splitting it six ways.

Mounds and mounds of change poured onto the table and while the kids were counting it my MIL asked if this was better than letting them smash a GingerbreadHouse.

Yes, this was MUCH less disturbing – and fun to watch.

It took almost two hours for them to count all of the change and I swear I've never seen them concentrate on something so hard.

In the end, there was almost $600 dollars in change – which meant each kid got about $150.

Later that night, when the Youngest got home from work we handed him the presents from that day and after he finished unwrapping them the Oldest told him there was one more surprise.

He went to his room and came back carrying the Youngest's bag of change.

The look on the Youngest's face was priceless. $150 dollars in change takes up an entire large Ziploc bag and weighs a ton so when the Oldest dropped it in his lap I thought the Youngest was going to fall over.

He was sorry he had to work on Christmas Day but seeing that bag of money made him really happy. 

Sadly, my back was hurting so I didn't take many pictures but we really had a wonderful day.