Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Summer Solstice and a Birthday

The Youngest Island Boy is our summer child. His birthday is on the Summer Solstice so naturally we celebrate his birthday on the water.

This year his brother and sister were both out of town but he wanted to spend the day with his girlfriend, Miss B, so it was just them and the Island King and I.

We left the dock in the late afternoon, bounced across the Bay and anchored at our favorite spot on Okaloosa Island.

It wasn't long before I noticed two dolphin swimming pretty close to the shore. I hurried up to the beach and ran down to where they were and waded out towards them.

They were circling a school of mullet and not paying any attention to me so I was able to get about 30 feet from them when they closed in for the feast.

I got a video but it's pretty shaky because I was walking fast through the water but I got a really cool view of them.

I guess it's weird but even though I have seen dolphin on a regular basis my entire life and have been fortunate enough to swim with them a few times, I still get just as excited as someone who's never seen one before.

There is something magical about them that always leaves me in awe.

The sun started to set and I noticed that my son was standing on the point with his girlfriend watching the sun set.

We've always watched the sunset together and even though I spied on him with binoculars last time I decided to leave them be and watched the sunset with the Island King. Not that that was a problem – I do love the old guy but it's not his birthday.

The sun did not disappoint and the sunset was the perfect end to the longest day of the year.

As an added bonus, Tuesday night was a once in a lifetime astrological event, a Strawberry Moon was expected to rise.

The moon was supposed to rise about an hour after the sun set so we spent that time making dinner.

Kabobs on the grill and a salad are always his birthday dinner choice so that's what we had.

We ate, he blew out the candles on his cake

And just as we finished the brightest red/orange moon I've ever seen started to rise.

My husband is a professional photographer but he refuses to bring his work equipment on the boat so we were stuck with Iphone pictures.

Sadly, they do no justice to just how beautiful it was.

Once the moon got higher in the sky it lost it's color (at least where we were) but was so bright it was like daylight out there.

We enjoyed the critter sounds coming from the Island, talked a while and then packed everything up and headed home.

Spending that day in the warm water next to our boat, seeing our son so happy with to be in the water and with Miss B, getting such a close up look at the dolphin, enjoying a beautiful sunset and then seeing the Strawberry Moon rise was incredible.

The Youngest had an amazing birthday and we all had an evening to remember.

Happy Birthday Son!

Friday, June 3, 2016

His First Date

The Youngest Island Boy has been telling us his wants to take his girlfriend on a date.

His first date.

He told us that he wanted to take her to dinner on the harbor and then have the water taxi drive them around for a while but that he couldn't afford both dinner and a boat ride.

I told him that his Dad and I could be their water taxi for the evening and that we'd pick them up at the docks after they ate, give them a sunset cruise and then take them over to the beach to watch the Thursday night fireworks.

He was skeptical at first. Why he thought we might embarrass him I have no idea 

but he finally decided it was a good plan.

He and his Dad went down to the restaurant he wanted to take her to and reserved a perfect table right on the water and then later the Island King dropped him off at the harbor to meet Miss B.

The Island King came home, we hopped in the boat and cruised around to the harbor to wait for the Youngest to call us to come and pick him and Miss B up for their boat ride.

I was so nervous for the boy. He's never been on a date before, he's never been to a nice restaurant without us before and he's my baby so I couldn't help but hope that everything would go ok.

We beached the boat on Norriego Point – which is just across the harbor from the restaurant and waited for him to call us.

It was a beautiful afternoon and even though we enjoyed watching the boats go by I couldn't help wondering how things were going for the Youngest.

I'm not sure if this makes me one of those weird stalker moms or not but I couldn't resist taking a peek.

I got a text message with a picture attached from the Youngest at one point that said “I can see you”

Thank goodness his camera didn't catch me with the binoculars.

They called when dinner was over and we drove over to the fuel dock to pick them up.

Once they were aboard we cruised out of the harbor and across to the jetties for the fireworks show.

Again, why would the Youngest think we might embarrass him?

We made it to the beach and they headed off, around the point, for a front row seat to watch the fireworks.

Which – as always – were spectacular.

The Island King and I hung out, watched the fireworks and talked to a drunk woman who stopped and asked if we were from here.

We told her yes so she asked if she put her rowboat in the water and then got drunk could she be arrested for drunk driving.

I told her that I'd never heard of an RUI (rowing under the influence) but that I didn't think getting drunk in a row boat was a good idea.

She then asked if she could be arrested for being drunk if she put a little motor on her rowboat.

We told her yes and then the Island King suggested she hire the Water Taxi to haul her around if she wanted to get drunk – instead of trying to row or drive her little boat anywhere.

She liked that idea and off she went, happy that she'd found a way to drink and boat at the same time without getting a ticket.

We were happy too. Another drunk boater around here is the last thing anyone needs.

After the fireworks were over we drove back to the boat ramp and then the Youngest and I took Miss B home.

She seemed to have a really good time and told the Youngest that this was an awesome date.

Waterfront dining, a sunset boat ride and fireworks on the beach – he's going to have to work pretty hard to top this date.

And I promise not to will try not to watch him through the binoculars next time. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Mom's Birthday or National 69 Day

Yesterday was my Mom's birthday and my Dad threw her a small party.

As we were driving over the kids asked how old she is and sadly, I wasn't sure.

I'm 51 and I think she was 20 or 21 when she had me so that would make her 72 or 73. I think. I told them I wasn't sure and since she always makes me photoshop her birthday cakes so no one can see the number of candles I'd have to ask her.

We visited with family, Dad cooked burgers on the grill and we all enjoyed spending time together.

After dinner Dad brings out Mom's cake and it has the numbers 69 on it.

She smiled and said “You did put a 69 on there!”

Because apparently she's decided that 69 is a good age. She gets the senior discount but isn't in her 70s.

After she blew out the candles my sister says “I think it's funny that you have a 69 on your cake.”

Everyone except the kids snickered and my Mom looked around the table and asked what was so funny.

Snickers turned into giggles and Mom was getting more confused by the minute so I leaned over and whispered in her ear “It's a sex position”

Where is a camera when you need one? Mom's mouth fell open and the giggles around the table turned into full blown laughter.

My sister's kids kept asking what everyone was laughing about and why 69 is funny so she told them she would explain when they're older.

The Island Girl leaned over and whispered – “she won't have to tell them because they'll be Googling that as soon as they get home”

Which made me realize that my Mom will be too and I laughed even harder.

I don't know how “old” Mom's going to be next year but I'm thinking 67 or 68 may be the new number. 

If not May 23rd will forever be known as National 69 Day.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Walking - or not - In Heels

I'm not really an “outfit” kind of girl. I'm more of a throw on whatever is clean and not too wrinkled person but not long ago I went shopping and bought some new clothes.

And a new pair of shoes. A pair of the cutest 6” platform sandals you've ever seen.

As soon as I showed them to the Island King he shook his head and told me I was going to break my neck walking in them.


When I was in my 20s I could strut around in high heels all day and half the night – with no problem at all.

He reminded me that while this may be true I haven't worn anything but flip flops, hiking boots and tennis shoes in the past 25 years.

I ignored him and last Friday night I put on one of my cute new outfits, my new shoes and out we went.

We had dinner and as we were leaving the restaurant we walked across a grassy median and I hit a stump.

And fell slap off my new shoes.

I didn't twist my ankle or anything – just fell off the damn things.

I landed on my arm, which I'm pretty sure has a slight fracture, and then kind of lay there wondering what just happened.

The Youngest Island Boy was trying to get me off the ground and kept saying “get up Granny, we're in the middle of Michigan Ave and you're holding up traffic” Which is a throwback from when my Mom fell in Chicago.

After he and the Island King got me back on my feet I was brushing myself off and realized the price tag was still on my shorts.

Good grief! I'd been walking around all evening with the price tag still on my clothes like I was Minnie Pearl.

I refused to go to the ER so when we got home the Island King put a splint on my arm and gave me a pain pill that was leftover from the last time I hurt myself.

Meanwhile, I'm still wearing the splint, my arm will continue to hurt for a while, I've put those damn shoes in the very back of the closet AND made sure the tags have been removed from all my new clothes.

The saddest part of this whole story is that I hadn't had a drop of alcohol. If I'd have been tipsy falling would be more understandable.

Apparently walking in heels is not like riding a bike.