Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Butterfly Explained

Remember this butterfly?

Finding it on my keyboard kept popping into my head all week. My friend, Sayre, suggested that maybe a dead butterfly was just a dead butterfly but there was a part of me that couldn't stop wondering what it meant.


My son's best friend is like a son to me and yesterday he and the Youngest Island Boy came in and the Youngest said “Tell her about the dead butterfly.”

Before he could say anything I said “You found one too? Where was it? What do you think it means?”

He and the Youngest laughed and then he told me that the butterfly he found was the same one on my keyboard.

He was in the backyard and it was dead on the patio so he picked it up, straightened it out and put it up on a table to dry out.

The next night, his Dad picked him up while I was cooking dinner and before he left he put it on my keyboard for me because he thought it was pretty and that I would like it.

Wow! I came up with a million reasons that butterfly could have died on my keyboard but not one of them was that he was an offering from a sweet boy who knew I would think it was beautiful.

I thanked him for the gift – which is on the shelf over my desk now and told him that not only had he left me a beautiful gift but that he'd kept my mind busy for an entire week.

So it turns out that there is another theory behind finding a dead butterfly – kindness.

Thank you, B, that's just one of the reasons I love you.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A Butterfly or an Omen?

Last week I decided to write an e-book. I wanted to cover the basics of geocaching and use some of the lessons I've learned in the book.

On Sunday I sat down, opened my word processor and got started. I managed to come up with an outline and a couple of good stories to include before the kids started hollering for dinner.

I went into the kitchen, made dinner and then came back out into the office to continue my project but as I walked up to my computer I saw this.

A Monarch Butterfly sitting on my keyboard. I touched him, expecting him to fly away but then realized that sadly, he was dead.

Hmm. What could a dead butterfly on my computer mean?

I did a Google search and was surprised by how many theories I found.

Some believe butterflies are our guardian angels while others believe that finding a dead butterfly signifies the upcoming death of someone close to you.

So, if I go with the first theory – my guardian angel has died and if I go with the second theory someone I love is about to die.

I didn't like either of those ideas so I kept digging and I found this:

“A dead butterfly is a signal for you to recapture the spirit and imagination in your life.... at the moment you've lost your mojo.”

Since the page I was working on was open and the butterfly died on my keyboard I'm going to go with the recapture my imagination theory.

I have to because losing someone I love is too hard to even contemplate and anyone who knows me knows I NEED my guardian angel.

Cross your fingers for me – I'm a little on the superstitious side and this event has me torn between writing like a mad woman or hiding under my bed.

Let's hope writing works because I'm too big to fit under the bed.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

The "New" Mattress

I hate to admit it but I'm almost as bad as the Island King is about picking up junk off the side of the road. I'm a little more discriminating than he is but people throw away some perfectly good stuff and I have no problem stopping to grab something if I see a potential use for it.

There are two things that I don't ever stop for and those would be couches and mattresses. There is just something gross about grabbing either of those items off the side of the road.


I was standing behind a furniture store the other day and I saw a guy throw a mattress out the back door onto a small pile of broken furniture.

We need a mattress for our shed Tiny House and I decided to walk over and ask him why he was throwing this one away.

He said he had a customer who wanted a bigger bed so when the store delivered a king sized one to his house they hauled off the old one. Then he tells me that he sold this mattress to the guy about 6 months ago and that there's nothing wrong with it but they don't sell used beds so he had to throw it out.

Then he asked if I wanted it.

Hmmm. I'd planned on ordering a “bed bug cover” to put on whatever bed we took to camp so that I didn't have to worry about spiders or bugs invading while I was gone and I realized I could put a cover over this mattress and it wouldn't be like sleeping on a used bed at all.

I told him that I did want it and he offered to carry it up the hill to my truck for me. He jokingly said it would cost me $5 and even if he wasn't joking I was getting a free bed and I wouldn't have to carry it so five bucks sounded good to me.

He carried it up to my truck and when I went to get my wallet he told me he was just kidding about the money. I told him I didn't care – it was worth it for me not to have to carry it myself so I wanted to give him something.

I only had $4 so I gave him that and a cold beer – which made him very happy on a hot Friday afternoon.

And there it is.

Our new bed for Tower Camp and it only cost me four bucks and a beer.

Now I just need the building finished so I have somewhere to put it.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

An Incredible Cypress Log

Several years ago a giant cypress log washed up on the beach here in Destin. It is absolutely beautiful but had to be moved off the beach and because it was so big it had to be cut into 4 pieces in order to get it off the beach.

It's been stored at the Beach Cleaning yard ever since.

The Island King fell in love with it and decided it was something he wanted. We got a call a few days ago that it had to go and if we wanted it we needed to come and get it.

Which was a lot easier said than done. Each log weighs over 800 pounds and has to be cut with a really big chainsaw.

The Island King wanted to take the logs to Tower Camp so his brother offered to help get them up there.

The first step was moving the logs to a place they could be cut and then loaded onto a trailer.

So how do you move an 800 pound, 10 foot long log?

Once the logs were moved to a place we could cut them, they went to work with the chainsaw.

These logs are absolutely stunning and must be at least 500 years old.

We can only speculate about where this log came from but it's obvious from the way the log was notched that it was cut at least 100 years ago in the days before chainsaws so we think it may have come down the Apalachicola River on a logging boat, rolled off and somehow – after MANY years – made it's way to Destin.

We cut some of the log into smaller pieces, left some pieces whole and my BIL put them on his trailer and brought them to Tower Camp.

A few of them will be used for tables and one will be made into a knife and axe throwing target.

I love having them up there and can't help but wonder how many Indians rested under this giant tree all of those years ago.

It really is beautiful and I feel like we now have an “antique” like no other. There is just something about that old log that speaks to me. I wonder what I'll hear if I listen closely.