Billy Bowlegs Treasure Hunt Update - Again

I feel that in all fairness I have to give you the Island King's opinion on this.

Maybe because as soon as he said it it made perfect sense and my theory could be wrong (don't tell anyone -I really like to think that I'm never wrong LOL)

His thoughts on this are that if he worked on public property he would search that spot as soon as the hunt started just to be able to say it wasn't there.

"Imagine how surprised they must have been to find it" he says.

Ok I guess he's right but I still think my theory is possible too.

I really am going to let this go now.

My teenager is laughing and telling me that I have a sickness and really need to stop obsessing about hidden treasure. The Island King laughed and told me to go find a geocache.

He says "You know it'll still be there and besides they give you GPS coordinates telling you where it is" LOL