Sunday, January 28, 2007

Jerry’s Sanctuary Cache - 1st Try

Jerry’s Sanctuary Cache - 1st Try

Today was our first real attempt to find a cache in an unknown location with our GPS.

The cache at Rook’s Bluff was down a trail we were familiar with so it wasn’t that difficult.

Jerry’s Sanctuary however was quite difficult.

I was sure the cache was in a park over near Beal Cemetery – I entered the coordinates in Goggle Earth and between that reading and some pictures that were shown on the cache’s webpage I was sure it was in that particular park.

We left home about 3:45 and drove to the park. After walking around with the GPS for a few minutes the Island King tells me that we aren’t even close to the right coordinates and that we need to drive towards the Bay.

So we drove, and drove and drove. We checked out as many parks as we could find but the coordinates never seemed right. We could get one heading but then all of the others would be wrong.

We ended up wandering all around Ferry Park but he kept saying we needed to head farther south.

It was getting dark and cold so the kids and I got in the car and the Island King took off on foot down Ferry Street trying to follow the coordinates.

After a bit he called and told me he had walked all the way to Hollywood Blvd (about 6 blocks) and to come and get him.

By this time it’s dark and cold and we were hungry but when we picked him up he was so determined to find the cache that he declared we weren’t stopping until he found it.

With the help of a road map that showed local parks and the GPS we finally found the park.

He got out with his flashlight and headed into the park. It was dark and a little scary and we were just ready for him to come back to the car so we could go home and try again another day.

He came back about 10 minutes later and said he had found the cache and were we ready to go see it.

The vote from me and the kids was a unanimous NO!

We didn’t want to wander around in the cold in a dark scary park.

He seemed a little unhappy that after all of his hard work we just wanted to go home but going into that park in the dark did not seem like fun and that’s what geocaching is all about – fun.

He marked the spot on his GPS and we now know where the park is so we will be heading back tomorrow (before dark) to check out the cache. Hopefully that hunt will go a little better.
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