Jerry's Sanctuary Cache - 2nd Try

Jerry's Sanctuary Cache - 2nd Try

We left home at 4:15 today in a hurry to get to the park and find the cache before dark. We made it to the park in good time and still had plenty of daylight so we were excited about finding the cache.

But upon arriving at the park we found some serious Muggle activity going on right about where the cache was located. A group of boys were building a fort in the woods just about where the cache was so we decided to wait a bit.

Our boys played on the playground (the Island Girl bugged out on this mission saying she just wanted to stay home and read) for a while but the Muggles seemed to be there for the long haul.

We wanted to check out the cache at the library so we decided to drive there, look for that cache and then return to the park in hopes the Muggles would be gone.

No luck at the library due to good camo and heavy Muggle activity so just before dark we went back to the park.

It was 6:00 and luckily the Muggles were gone and the park was empty.

We managed to go right to the cache which was hidden behind a tree in a plastic container.

It was dark by now so we took the cache to a picnic table to check out the contents.

The boys took a plastic giraffe and a cat necklace and we left a Girls Rule pin and a golf tee.

We saw several cards in the cache from other cachers and decided immediately that we have to have some for our team.

Now as soon as we come up with a name we can make some cool calling cards to leave in the caches we find. The adventure was fun and we are looking forward to finding more caches along our route to Homosassa Springs this weekend.