Saturday, January 20, 2007

Rook's Bluff Boat Launch Cache

Rook’s Bluff Boat Launch cache

Today was our first official geocaching expedition.

We found one on Okaloosa Island several years ago but that was before the game got very popular and there weren’t any other caches close to us. Now the game is huge and there are caches everywhere. So we decided it was time to play again.

We were planning a camping trip at Rook’s Bluff a weekend in January so I searched the site for possible caches somewhere near where we would be camping.

To my amazement there was a cache listed as being at the end of the trail right at Rook’s Bluff!

We purchased a GPS unit (we definitely should have done more research on that purchase but the one we got will work until we get a better one) and on the second day of our camping trip we got out the GPS and headed down the trail in search of the cache.

I had seen pictures of the cache in the geocaching site gallery so I knew it was inside a hollow log.

I’m not sure I want to look at pics next time as it seemed to make it much easier to find the cache but it was still off the trail and stuck deep inside a hollow log.

The GPS was a big help in getting us to the right area since there are a million hollow logs along that trail.

The cache was in a plastic jar and contained several trinket type items and a Travel Bug! I was so excited to find a Bug in our first cache.

It’s even better since we are headed to Homosassa Springs next week and plan to hunt at least one cache while we are there so I’ll be able to drop off the Bug there.

We took the Bug and an orange kaleidoscope and left a bush hook, some marbles and a shotgun shell.

Since then we’ve learned it’s against the rules to leave ammo so we won’t be doing that again.

We had a ziplock bag with some trinkets in it to leave but nothing really cool and the Island King immediately decided that we need to stock up on cool, unusual type things to leave.

We also want to put a cache somewhere in the swamp that is only accessible by boat but we didn’t have the right kind of container for that so we will be returning once we’ve put together a good waterproof cache and will hide it somewhere interesting in the swamp.

We took pictures of the family with the cache but we were all right in front of the log where the cache had been hidden (just like the pics in the gallery) and the pictures turned out really well but I had to airbrush the log out of the pictures before I posted them in the geocache site gallery so as not to give away the exact location of the cache.

Next time I’ll have everyone move away from the hiding spot so when I take the picture it doesn’t give away the location.

The whole thing was really fun although I think I enjoyed it more than the rest of the family but since I’m hooked on this they will be hunting caches a lot and hopefully will come to enjoy it as much as I do.
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