7 to 7 Cache

The 7 to 7 Cache is located at the Rest stop on Hwy 19 just north of Perry.

The blue rock rest stop is where we always stop for lunch going to Homosassa Springs so I was excited to find out that a micro cache was hidden somewhere in the rest stop.

We stopped there for lunch and after we ate were ready for the hunt.

The GPS coordinates got us to the right area and the clue was Palm Island. There was was a large bunch of palms and palmettos so we knew we were in the right spot.

There were a lot of briars and this is the spot the attendants dump all of the yard debris from the rest area so there were piles of leaves and dead palm fronds everywhere but the Island King was determined to find the cache.

The kids and I hunted with him for a while but we don’t like briars or sticking our hands under piles of debris so we went back and waited at the picnic tables.

He hunted and hunted but could not find the cache.

One of the log comments was that someone had asked the rest stop attendant for help so after quite a while and with an obvious storm coming I asked the attendant if he knew about a geocache in the area.

He was an older man and he smiled and said he might. I told him I thought it was a film canister and that it was located over where my husband was digging through the leaves.

I think he must have felt sorry for me because it was starting to rain and I told him the Island King wouldn't leave until he found the cache so he said that "Yes" he was in the right spot.

He then said he knew exactly where the cache was and did we want his help?

I told him that YES we would love his help or we would be there all night while the Island King hunted.

He went over and told him that the cache was buried slightly right next to a cabbage palm.

They dug and rooted around but didn’t find it. The attendant kept saying that it was supposed to be right there and he must have been curious as to where the cache had been moved to because before we knew it he was on his hands and knees rooting around all of the palms with the Island King.

It was raining pretty good by now and after about 20 minutes the attendant declared that the cache must be gone.

That finally convinced the Island King that the cache might be missing so between that and the rain he agreed it was time to stop the hunt and get back on the road.

As we were pulling out he said “We’re stopping on our way home so I can check one more time”

I'm curious too so stopping won't be a problem for me.