Alligator Bones Cache

Alligator Bones Cache

This cache is on the bank of Eagle Creek, just north of Hwy 20 and right near (or maybe on) the Okaloosa/Walton County line.

Although, it looks a lot more like Eagle Swamp to me.

We had already found 2 other caches in this same area so we were pretty familiar with how to get in there.

We took the truck and drove on a trail so narrow that I wasn’t sure we were going to make through at times.

According to the cache log we were to find the alligator bones on the edge of the creek and the cache would be close by.

We finally got to a spot really close to the coordinates for the bones so we parked and got out. The GPS took us through the bush (never did find a trail to the actual cache so we bushwhacked in) and down to the creek.

We found a little clearing with a good view. Because this is more swamp than creek you can’t actually get to the edge of it without going Ranger - which I don't do - so we were happy with our observation point a little up the hill.

And there in front of us was a pile of bones.

We don't think they were actual gator bones, more like deer bones, but whatever they were they were all laid out in front of us.

We thought we were looking for an ammo can but I spotted a Tupperware container so I said "It’s not an ammo can – it has a blue lid" and then the Youngest Island Boy spotted it.

We took a Jack-Jack TB and a ball and we left a toy train and a finger light.

Jack-Jack’s mission is to just travel everywhere and anywhere and as much as possible so I’m going to move him along.

We signed the log and then sat real quiet for a few minutes and listened to the sounds of the swamp.

The boys were mesmerized.

We heard something that I don’t think was a frog but may not have been a gator either.

Maybe a hog?

We put the cache back and then bushwhacked back to the truck.

From there we saw that the road continued on and was much wider.

Once again we’ve come in the hard way only to find there was a much easier way.

The road immediately ran into the nice wide road we’d been on the other day hunting 2other caches.

We seem to do it the hard way every time.