Caught Between The Beach and The Border - 1st Try

Ok, I know that I said we were not going to be wandering around parking lots and stuff at night any more but we just had to do it one more time.

We got a new GPS and I had to take some papers up to my MIL’s office around 10pm so he rode with me and we drove the 4 miles out to the place the cache is supposed to be.

The log made it clear we were looking for a blue pill container (just like the Gaserup series we think) and all of the comments were “went right to it” so we thought "This will take 2 minutes and we can try out the new GPS."


We find the Beach and the Border which is Cuvee Beach restaurant and a Mexican place. The restaurants were closed and it was dark so we wanted to get the cache, sign the log and be gone in under 5 minutes.

Well the GPS took us to a little clearing in the bushes between the 2 restaurant parking lots and we searched and searched and searched.

Twenty minutes later we had to give up. Maybe it’s something you can really only see during the day or we are just plain blind.

I guess we’ll find out when we go back during the day.