Caught Between the Beach and the Border - 2nd Try

On our way home from getting our Eglin pass at Jackson Guard the boys and I decided to stop and see if we could grab this cache real fast. The Island King and I had no luck the other night but I was hoping that looking for it during the day would do the trick.

We turned in the restaurant and parked and then went to the GPS spot (the same spot the Island King and I had searched for 20 minutes 2 nights ago)

The Oldest Island Boy looked at a bush and said "Is that it?"


In less than a minute the boy had spotted it.

We took it to the car and I took his picture with it

Then his brother's picture

And then signed the log.

The log was pretty wet even though the gasket on the container looked good. Those may not be as waterproof as we thought they were.

The Oldest definitely has an eagle eye.

I don't know how the Island King and I missed it.