Destin Commons Cache

Yesterday, someone placed a cache at the Destin Commons and while I hate parking lot caches I can't seem to stop myself from looking for them.

So off we went, looking for the cache.

The GPS led us to the back parking lot of the Commons but it was a madhouse!

There was an antique car show going on and some other stuff must have been happening too because we saw lots of people carrying lawn chairs.

There wasn’t a minute that there weren’t Muggles very close to us.

To try to blend in we pretended like the GPS was a phone and talked to imaginary people, we huddled and loudly discussed what time a movie started and we looked for a lost bouncy ball in the bushes.

Stealth is just not something we are capable of and even if we were there are still a lot of us so when we’re walking together we become a “group”.

Some of these caches need to be done with just one person parking and grabbing so we decided that it might be better to come back on a weekday morning when there aren’t a million people wandering around.

I really hate these parking lot caches! I can’t seem to stop myself from hunting for them but I hate wandering around poking in bushes and looking behind stores while people watch me and wonder what I’m doing.

I think caches are much better in parks or in the woods along trails and creeks.

When I got home I read the log and saw that two people logged a find right after it was placed and then an hour later the cache had been archived.

Apparently security at Destin Commons does not want people tearing up their landscaping and creeping around their parking lot.