Monday, February 26, 2007

Don’t Tread on Me Cache

The Don't Tread On Me cache is located under the Brooks Bridge in Ft. Walton Beach.

We pulled up and there were several Muggles about, a car wash guy doing a detail, a couple of City workers that looked like they were hiding from the boss, people coming in and out of the restaurant there and a guy who was fishing on the little dock.

We got out and the Island King was trying to get a bearing with the GPS when the Oldest Island Boy comes running up to me and says "I Found It!"

We haven’t even got a fix with the GPS and he has found the cache.


We follow him to a small ramp and sure enough under the ramp is a small black Tupperware container.

The City guys are sitting right there in their truck and a couple is coming out of the restaurant so we walked on to the pier and watched the ducks for a few minutes until the couple cleared out.

The City guys weren’t going anywhere so the Island King and I stood next to each other and sort of blocked their view while the Oldest grabbed the container and then we all hurried to the van.

There were several trinkets in there and a card from an Okaloosa County Sheriff's Deputy.

It was one of the police issue business cards that the deputies leave if they want to talk to you or something. The officer had filled out his name and the date and time and then in the space where he would normally state his purposed with you he wrote "I Found It Too!"

When we got home I looked at the logs and the day that the deputy left his card a team was there and they mentioned that there were police muggles around but they didn’t think the police saw them.

Turns out the deputy not only saw them but after they left he went to see what was in that container.
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