Fallen Soldier’s Cache

Fallen Soldier’s Cache

This cache is hidden at the White Point Recreation Area down in the woods.

The area is a really nice pine thicket and white sand beach that looks like a great place to try out this summer for swimming and fishing.

We hiked down a trail through the woods and came out at a clearing on the beach.

There is a picnic table there and evidence of a campfire but the strangest thing was a very elaborate fenced off area on the beach. Someone has used driftwood and old logs to build what looks like the bow of a ship. Very odd structure in the middle of nowhere.

We continued on the path looking for the fallen soldier (which we had decided was a tree) and just as another poster on the website had posted we were waylaid by the wrong fallen soldier.

That took us into the woods and after plundering along for a few minutes I decided we needed to find the path and then try to find it from there.

Luckily the Island King agreed and the path was just a few yards away (in the opposite direction from the way we were heading)

After getting back on our path and getting the GPS bearings again we followed the path a little farther and then veered off and the cache was sitting under the root of a fallen tree.

The Oldest Island Boy spotted it first but since the Youngest has never had a find we let him retrieve it and bring it to a clearing so we could check out the contents.

There was an odd green stick in it that said Move to a cache in Niceville, FL and had a cache number on it.

We didn’t know if this was the Niceville spot the thing had been brought to or if we should take it to another cache locally. In the end we decided to leave it there.

The Island King kept a clear quartz crystal, the Oldest picked a metal army man and the Youngest was ecstatic to find a one dollar bill.

We left a glowstick, a key chain with a light and a Christmas pencil.

From reading log the Island King could tell that his friend Sloan is the guy who left the dollar.

So the Island King didn’t beat him to the cache but he did get his dollar.

We heard a woodpecker while we were looking at the cache contents but it was too far away to see what kind it was or get a picture of it.

After we rehid the cache we hiked back to the car which we had parked next to a picnic table and had a snack.

The Island King messed with his GPS and the boys tossed a football around in between bites of cookies and chips. After we relaxed and enjoyed the view we headed off to look for the next cache on our list.