Monday, February 26, 2007

Fort Walton Landing Cache

There's a cache at Fort Walton Landing!

This is a really pretty park right on the water and has been built where the original Brook's Landing was established.

The area was named for John Brooks after he settled here in 1868.

There was also a Civil War camp here known as Camp Walton and in the early 1950s the town's name was changed to Fort Walton Beach in an effort to attract tourists.

This was our last stop for the day and since they have a great playground we let the boys play for a while.

They had fun playing and after we’d been there quite a while we headed down to the water to find the cache.

The GPS took us straight to a little sitting spot overlooking the water. All of us immediately spotted a sprinkler that was in the wrong place and yep that was it.

I signed the log and we called it a day.

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