Homosassa Hideaway Cache

Homosassa Hideaway Cache

We left the resort this morning and drove up to the Homosassa Springs State Park in search of the Homosassa Hideaway Cache which was hidden by a 9 year old little girl named Emily and her dad.

We walked a short distance down the paved service road that the trams drive on and then on to the abandoned path that was mentioned in the directions.

The path ran into a dead end at the creek so we backtracked a little and not too long after we found the side trail that led to the pile of rocks and the broken tree.

Sure enough there was the cache hidden between 2 palm tree trunks.

My Dad made the find and then handed the cache over to the kids.

It’s in a Tupperware container and was a little wet on the outside and some of the things inside were a little damp but over all the cache was in good shape.

We took a Stuart Little happy meal toy and a small monster truck toy. We left a painted Sea Bean, a bear pin and a bead necklace along with our signature calling card.

My Dad had to leave for Gulf Breeze so he watched the kids open the cache and check out the contents but then left to begin his journey home.

I’m pretty sure he’s hooked now because as he was leaving he said he guessed he’d have to go and buy a GPS for himself so he can hunt too.

We signed the log book and would like to have been able to explore the service road more but we also needed to head for home so it was time to go back to the resort, pack up, visit a few more places in Homosassa and then head back to Destin.

This was a fun cache to find – not too hard, not too much hacking our way through the woods – just a beautiful walk on a nice paved service road and then a short hike down a trail.

Excellent cache for a quick stop and see on our last day in Homosassa.