Joe’s Bayou Cache - 1st Stage

Joe’s Bayou Cache

This is a multi cache right around the corner from our house. Multi means that we're supposed to find a micro cache that will contain the coordinates for the actual cache.

We drove to the boat ramp and were too far off so we drove down to the dock.

We walked to the picnic area on the beach behind the concrete plant and the GPS put us next to a pine tree.

There was a pile of rocks behind the tree so I started moving them around to see if the micro was underneath.

One of the rocks felt lighter than the rest so I turned it over and that was it! It was a rock with a false bottom.

Very clever.

Inside the rock were new coordinates that will leas us to the main cache.

The new coordinates took us to the nature boardwalk on the other side of the street so we walked over there.

We got to the other end of the boardwalk and the GPS stopped us at the bench. I looked under the bench but did not see it.

Everyone was looking for it under the railings and then the Island Girl said "I Found It!"

It was a cammo pill bottle velcroed to the underside of the bench.

I looked there but she must have better eyes than I do because I did not see it

Inside this micro were more coordinates.

But by now it was getting dark and we were having a little trouble with the GPS so we stumbled around the boardwalk in the dark for a little and then the Island King started walking towards the boat ramp.

The kids and I followed in the car and the GPS took him to a spot near the fence inside the entrance to the boat ramp.

It was completely dark by now so we will have to go back tomorrow to look for the final cache.

I think we would have found this one if it hadn’t of gotten dark. One thing we have learned though is that caches are a lot easier to see during the day.
We’ll be back tomorrow to finish this one.