Kell-aire Nature Walk Cache

On this beautiful day we decided, once again, to go find some geocaches.

First on our list was a little park in a neighborhood near our house.

What a pretty little park. I have noticed it before but did not realize it has a nice long nature walk through the middle of it.

We stopped at McDonalds on our way to the park and were going to eat there but when we arrived we found out that there are no picnic tables – just benches and a swing.

We ate in the car and while we were eating we saw a couple come out of the woods and sit to rest on the swing. We decided they weren’t cachers – just locals out for a walk on a nice Sunday afternoon.

They rested a minute and then walked off down the sidewalk and we headed down the trail.

The Island Girl was in charge of the GPS and she did really well. She got to the North coordinate and realized she needed to move more to the west. She looked at the undergrowth for a minute and then said “Let’s go back a little and see if there’s another trail”

Good girl!

Sure enough there was another trail that led off to the west so we went that way.

She put the GPS right on top of the coordinate and then I spotted the cache under a palmetto (it really was my day today – I spotted 4 of the 5 we found today)

It was packed with goodies

And a Pillsbury Doughboy Travel Bug.

He had a nice little log with him explaining that he likes to travel and a list of the states he’s visited. His goal is to travel all over and since we won’t be going far we left him for someone who will be moving around some.

We took a Suduko book, an Arby’s sign and a bouncy ball and left a deck of Snowman cards, a Cosmo Cat pin and a carved cheetah.

We signed log, sat on the swing and rested a minute

And then were off to the next cache on our list.