Monday, February 5, 2007

The Library Cache - 2nd Try

We decided to try the Library cache again after the library closed so we left the kids at home – stealth is impossible for our group - and we left about 9:00pm.

That’s what time the library closes so we figured by the time we got there everyone would be gone but it was also still too early to run into the homeless guys that camp there.

We were right on both counts.

The GPS led us right to the edge of the bushes by the library entrance and the Island King bent down and it didn’t take him but about a minute to find it.

The cammo job was excellent. It was a prescription pill bottle covered in cammo cloth and attached to a bush limb with a wire.

We took it to the car to open it and found a golf tee and 2 calling cards plus a rolled up log.

We signed the log and left a small seashell.

The whole thing took less than 10 minutes but was still lots of fun!
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