Mossy Cove Cache

The Mossy Cove Cache is in a beautiful little park across the bayou from us that I'd completely forgotten about.

There is a nice swing on the top of the hill that should make for a good view of the sunset - which the Island King and I will be back to see.

When we first saw the location of this one we assumed (when will I learn that assumptions are almost ALWAYS wrong?) it was at the dock at Mattie Kelly Park.

We parked in the lot for the pier and even though our coordinates were still way off we got out and walked down the trail to the beach.

The coordinates were still wrong but we saw 3 other obvious cachers wandering around the same area scratching their heads.

Finally, we have the home field advantage! I remembered the small public access just about straight across the bayou from where we were and that must be where the cache is.

So off we go while the other 3 cachers continued to wander around the park.

We drove over to the other spot and the directions said down a trail from the park. There was only one trail so off we went.

The trail ended almost immediately and the GPS said we were right on target so we started hunting.

The trail was on top of a hill with another trail leading to a seawall along the bayou. We traipsed up and down for a couple of minutes and then I saw it under a fallen tree root.

It was a large plastic container covered in cammo tape and blended in really well under the roots.

We pulled it out and found all kinds of goodies.

We took a bouncy ball for the Island Girl and a mini skateboard for the Oldest Island Boy. We left an I’m Not Perfect keychain and a small dog.

We signed the log and were off to find another one.

A while later I realized that I had not written down what we left or what we took so we decided to run back and check the cache log.

It was getting late so the Island Girl ran to the cache while the boys and I waited in the car.

She came back smiling and said she walked up on another cache team who had just found the cache and had the contents all spread out on the ground.

She told them why she was back and said they were very nice.

Later on the log site we learned that she met Team Turtle Ham from Panama City. They made a nice comment on the site about it being nice to meet one of us.