A Nice View of the Harbor Cache - 1st Try

Today I learned about a place in Destin that I never knew existed and it’s just right down the road from our house.

The A Nice View of the Harbor cache is located at a public harbor access right at the end of Beach Dr. next to Maravilla.

The Island King and I decided to run down there this afternoon, grab it quick and come home so off we went.

He told me about the access and we went straight across 98 like we were pulling into Maravilla and sure enough there is a one car parking spot next to their gate and a wooden walk to an overlook on the harbor.

But there’s a problem – the one parking space is a handicap space and there is no where else to park or even really pull over and not be in the way of the Maravilla gate.

Now I have a real problem parking in a handicap space even if it’s the only one. I just won’t do it (my mother told me that if you park in one that one day something will happen to you and you will be in a wheelchair and won’t have anywhere to park) so even though I know that’s probably not the case I just won’t do it. So I tell Troy to get out and look while I sit in the car in the driveway and that if someone comes in I’ll go back out to 98 and around in again. Well he looks for a few minutes and no cars have come in so I put the car in park (I’m not in the handicap parking spot I’m just in the condo driveway blocking traffic) but don’t turn it off (don’t want to be “parked” here so I keep the car running LOL) and get out to help Troy. The GPS took us to a magnolia tree and we searched around it but couldn’t find it. It was starting to get dark and getting very cold so we ended the mission. Troy really hates the micros in parking lots and only goes with me because I want him to and he’s already mad at the team who placed all of the caches because they’ve saturated the city so much and so many are in unauthorized places that he’s convinced someone will complain, there’ll be an article in the paper about geocaching in Destin and then the city council will ban geaocaching in the city even in the public parks so he doesn’t even want to hunt their caches anyway and was more than willing to give up. I’m not sure I’ll be back either – I don’t park in handicap spots and there is no where else to park and I’m certainly not parking at the gas station and crossing 98 on foot so this one is going the way of the Home Sweet Home cache – we just aren’t hunting this kind of cache anymore.
We’ll save our hunting for the caches in public parks and hiking up into the reservation. Those are more fun and much less stressful.