Old Ferry South Cache

The Old Ferry South Cache

This cache is hidden at the southern landing site for the ferry that used to cross the intracoastal from Bunker Island over to Point Washington.

The ferry is long since gone and the site is now being used by a concrete plant.

There was a barge there that looked to be dredging and fixing a landing – probably for something from the concrete plant.

I knew there used to be a ferry but I always thought it was located where Eden State Park is. Now, I know that’s not the case.

The cache listing page has an interesting link to documents describing the building of the intracoastal which was very interesting to read.

We found Old Ferry Road which is east of 331 and almost to Philip’s Inlet and turned north. The road pretty much dead ends at the canal so we parked and got out.

The GPS took us to a little hill with a few trees and palmetto bushes on top. There was a little path into the bushes and I stuck my head in there but then spotted a giant ball of rebar and I walked back out of the bushes to look at the ball.

It was very big and rolled up all hodgepodge – very interesting to look at.

I called the Island King over but before he walked around to see it he stepped into the bushes and found the cache.

I might have seen it if I hadn’t been distracted by the rebar.

The cache had a rainbow travel bug in it that just wanted to travel so I took that and will move it farther west down the coast.

The cache was stocked with goodies so we took the travel bug and a wooden nickel from scharm. We left a Destin key chain and a tape measure.

This was an interesting cache – I read all about the intracoastal, found a benchmark (which I’ve never found before) and explored a spot from this area’s history.

I love this stuff!

Just across the Intracoastal is the Old Ferry North Cache.

According to the GPS it’s only about 2 tenths of a mile from where we are standing.

But that is as the crow flies.

Since there is no longer a ferry that goes to the north shore you can only access that area by car.

The catch is that you have to drive up into Panama City, around St. Andrews Bay and then back west out onto Bunker Island. It’s about a 2 to 3 hour drive one way over there.

So close to where we were standing but yet so far away.

That’s a cache for another day – a long day in the car that is.

When we got home I looked up the travel bug and it originated in California in January of 2006. It traveled to Arizona, Georgia, Alabama and then came into Florida at Mexico Beach.

Now I have it so I am moving it on westward along the coast.