Quack, Quack Cache

We drove over to the duck pond this afternoon to look for the new cache that was put there on Sunday.

I was surprised to see online that no one had found it yet so I thought maybe we’d have a chance at a First To Find.

We got there about 4:30 and ran into another couple rooting around in the bushes.

We introduced ourselves and learned they are Putt42.

They are the ones who left the Diabetes Bug that I picked up from the Fresh Market.

Very nice couple about my parents age. We chatted a minute and his wife found it while we were talking to him.

They got FTF but we logged in too and at least we met some new people.

It turns out he’s the guy who has the 2 caches out at Silver Sands Outlet Mall. They live in Niceville and I’m sure we’ll be running into them again.

We left a Destin keychain and a marble and we took some stickers and a ball.

Signed log and said goodbye to Putt 42, who were off to find the cache at Joe’s Boat ramp.

I guess they’ll get FTF on that one too.


I think I’m going after the one at the end of Beach Drive in the morning.

The area has been saturated with new caches and I have to be a FTF on at least one of them!