Silver Sands One Cache - 1st Try

On our cache mission we decided to look for the Silver Sands One cache.

It was practically dark by the time we got there but this one was at the other end of the parking lot from Silver Sands Two where we had just been so we decided to do a quick look and see – knowing we probably wouldn’t find it.

The clue was something about a meter and the Magellan led me right to the meter on the back of the building but I was freaked out about being caught near the meter (don’t want a Boston situation on our hands) so I backed off.

I convinced the Island King and the boys that it was time to go and they didn’t protest so obviously we were done for the day.

We’ll try this one and Silver Sands Two one day next week when we have plenty of light. I guess we’ll have to be extra careful messing around the meter.

Maybe we'll use one of the kids as a lookout.