Son of Point Washington Cache

We decided to drive out to Point Washington State Forest and look for the Son of Point Washington cache that our friend Putt42 had hidden.

It was getting dark but we thought we would give it a quick try anyway.

I knew from the clue that it was in an island formed by three roads and that we would be able to drive in.

We found the right trail off of 393 south of Hwy 98 and started in.

This is a nice hard packed road that is fine for 2 wheel drive and as we rounded a corner we passed a blond woman and a man in a white convertible.

We wondered out loud what they were doing up in there but figured they were tourists just seeing where the trail led. When we got home that night I saw online where scharm and msmandy had been to the cache in her convertible.

We'd passed them on their way out but didn’t peg them as cachers.

I’ve seen their logs and knew they were from around here and then the Oldest Island Boy collected their wooden nickel at the Old Ferry South cache.

I expect we’ll run into them sooner or later.

So we come to a spot in the road where 3 roads intersect and there is an island between them. There is a bench and a State Forest sign and the GPS says we are very close.

The clue says it’s not on the ground and not in a tree and that if you sit down you’ll never find it so we look all around the bench.

The sign is right next to the bench and the GPS tells us that ground zero is at the sign.

We looked all over and under that sign but just didn’t see it. We did a quick search around the sign and still couldn’t find the cache.

We knew it was a micro and we were expecting something small like a film canister or one of the sub micros we’ve seen.

It has gotten dark by now so we pull the truck up and turn on the lights and we all had flashlights and we were determined to find it.

The Island King is really fixating on the sign now and then all of a sudden he says "Holy crap look at this."

The sign was bolted together and the bolts were recessed into the sign and he has touched one of the bolts and it moved.

This cache is the size of a bolt!

It’s magnetic and has been painted the same color as the other bolts and if he hadn’t touched it we would never have found it.

He pulled it off and we put it on the hood of the truck. This thing is so tiny that the log inside is about ½ an inch wide and has been folded in half and then rolled up to fit inside.

There was just enough room for the date and your team name.


I thought we had seen the smallest micro but I never dreamed there could be something as small as this.

And the fact that he found it is amazing! He gets BIG points for this find!

I saw the bolts but would never have thought to touch them to see if one was a fake.

Of course I never dreamed that a micro could be so small!

We signed the log and I left a kudos for Putt42 on the website log. He really outdid himself with this one.

Once we put it back it blended right in again and looked like the rest of the bolts on the sign.

Every time I think I’ve seen the smallest a cache can get I find a smaller one. I don’t think they could get much smaller than that though.

I have to have one of these and am going to try and find one for us to put out. They are so tiny they’re really cool.