WW Cache

The WW cache is hidden somewhere between Bluewater Bay and Niceville.

As we’re driving along Highway 20 and were getting closer and closer we see a White Wilson clinic.

Oh – that’s what WW stands for.

We pulled in and the GPS took us straight to a tree out in the parking lot. The cache was a matchbox that wasn’t cammo’d very well and the kids spotted it immediately.

We took it back to the truck, opened it and inside is a key attached to a TB.

He reads the instructions for the TB and starts laughing.

Chained to the tree where the cache was in a full sized bicycle with a baby seat on the back and apparently that’s the TB. The key is to unlock the bike.

We all saw the bike when we were grabbing the cache but none of us ever considered that the two might be related.

The bike wants to travel around and we considered it but just didn’t have room to put it in the truck and we weren’t sure where we’d drop it but that has to be the strangest TB I’ve ever seen.

I started following the bike on the geocaching website and was amazed to see it travel all the way to Boston and then start making it's way through the Midwest.