Bay Flats Recreation Area Cache

We saw that a cache had been hidden in a new park that Eglin has opened right on Choctawhatchee Bay south of Hwy 20 between Choctaw Beach and Portland.

It looks brand new and I think they still have some improvements to make but this will be a great park when they finish.

We got there just as the sun was starting to set so we got to see a beautiful sunset before hunting the cache.

Of course since we watched the sunset it was dark by the time we started hunting.

Since the park is still new there are trees down everywhere and it was pretty hard to find this one.

The GPS started acting drunk in the trees so we did a lot of wandering around. We knew we were in about the right area but we sure did have trouble finding it.

It was the Island King who finally spotted it. The cache was hidden under a clump of hay grass and I don’t know how he saw it but luckily he did.

We took a snowman pin and a football coin and left Christmas earrings and a small plastic dog.

This is a cool place that will be great for swimming and summer picnics. Another spot we’ll be back to visit.