DHMO Reactor Cache

This was an interesting cache on Eglin Reservation past Black Oak Cemetery.

The theme was to raise awareness about DHMO which is a chemical that the government has deemed harmless thus allowing big business to dump this chemical in our waters.

Studies have shown DHMO is in almost every body of water (lakes, creeks, ponds, rivers – you name it) but tests run on this chemical show that it can be extremely harmful if ingested in it’s powder form.

Wonder why it’s ok to let people drink it and swim in it?

Anyway this cache called for a gallon of DHMO (water) to “activate” the reactor.

We forgot to bring a gallon so like the log suggested we stopped at the nearby Basin Creek Canoe launch and filled up several bottles and baggies with water.

We drove on the coordinates which led us to a power line. Tied to one of the poles was a white PVC pipe.

You pour the water into the pipe and that causes the cache at the bottom of the pipe to rise to the top.

We poured the water and got the container but everything inside the cache was soaking wet.

It doesn’t look like the top was replaced correctly by the last cacher.

We dried things off as well as possible and then put them all in a ziplock bag before putting it back into the cache container.

One of the interesting things that we found in this cache was the front page of the Destin Log with the picture of Coach Brown dressed like a woman.

That poor man – everyone in town saw it and now the headline is in the woods for anyone who finds the cache to see.

We took a dinosaur and a bracelet and left a Destin keychain and a car.

This is an interesting idea that we would like to try on Okaloosa Island.