Friday, May 25, 2007

Billy Bowlegs Treasure - Clue #1

The first clue for the Bowlegs treasure is out!

As always the first clue guides you to the store that has the treasure map.

Confidently we piled into the car and drove to Fort Walton. The clue says the treasure map is at the Embarq store.

I’ve never heard of Embarq so I look in the phone book and see a Mary Esther Cut Off address.

The maps were at the Sprint store on MEC last year so I just assume it’s the same store but that phone store is now an Embarq place.

Yes, that’s right, I said “I assumed”.

We pull into the parking lot and what do you know – it’s still the Sprint store – no Embarq sign anywhere.

The Island King is shaking his head at me and I’m explaining that I saw the MEC address and this is where the maps were last year…

He tells me to go in and ask the Sprint people where the Embarq store is.

I will not. How embarrassing that would be.

I decided to call Island Girl who had chosen to stay home and ask her to look up the address in the phone book but he jumps out of the car and goes inside the Sprint store.

He comes back and says he told the guy that his wife didn’t know where the Embarq store was but she got her map here last year so she drove here – do you know where the Embarq store is?

The guy tells him it’s next to Office Max.

Ok, I know where that is so off we go.

Turns out the map in my mind was a little off but after driving through most of the parking lots on MEC we found it.

This really isn’t starting out so well.

But finally we have the map and the hunt begins.

I won't let the fact that I couldn't find a store with a listed address dampen my confidence.
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