Billy Bowlegs Treasure - Clue #2

Clue #2 came out and we really spent some time thinking about which park it could be referring to.

We each came up with a different theory but both of them sound valid so we decided to search both parks and see what we could find.

The Island Girl and the Youngest Island Boy wanted to stay home so the Island King, the Oldest Island Boy and I left on a mission to find the treasure.

We went to both parks and did a pretty thorough search of the first park and a cursory search of the second.

We searched high and low but didn't find the treasure.

We did find an Easter Egg still filled with candy in a bush and we found an old baseball under a tree root.

You find all kinds of things when you start poking around.

No Bowlegs Treasure for today but a new clue comes out soon.

I still think we're gonna find it!

And No we didn't eat the candy