Billy Bowlegs Treasure - Clue #3

The 3rd clue for the treasure came out today.

We read it and read it again and we both decided that this next clue reinforces the thought that it's in the park we decided upon the other day.

We went back out to that park and we searched for almost 2 hours. We looked high and low, over and under and everywhere in between but found no treasure.

We both commented on the fact that no one else was in the park at all. Are we the only ones who have figured this out or are we WAY off base?

About 15 minutes before we finished our search a group of people pulled up and started searching the park as well.

Hm, maybe we aren't so far off.

But even if it is in this park we didn't find it today.

We'll have to wait for the next clue and see if it sends us to a specific area of the park.

Or see if it leads us somewhere completely different.

Who knows at this point.

I do know that we didn't find it - yet!