Billy Bowlegs Treasure - Clue #4

The newest clue for the treasure came out in today's paper.

What a mess! It's obvious from this clue that everything we've been thinking up until this point is wrong and we now need to rethink everything.

It turns out that the old timer they talk about does not mean the clue is at the Seniors Park, it means we should have been studying old maps and pictures instead of beating bushes around a shuffle board court.

Being a huge history buff I happen to have lots of old pictures of and information about this area so we pulled everything out and began looking for the landmarks that are mentioned in the clue.

We found some of them but there were a few others we couldn't find anything on.

After not finding the treasure in the other park last night we kept re-reading the clues and now the only thing we can figure is that they are leading us to the Indian Temple Mound.

The newest clue reinforces that but we both know that the Mound people don't like the Treasure people climbing all over their mound and for years it seems there has been some sort of agreement between the 2 groups and no clues led treasure hunters to the mound.

But there is a geocache hidden there now so maybe things have changed.

We really have no ideas at this point so we decide to go to the mound and see if something comes to us.

We load up the whole family and it's off to the Mound. It's a beautiful spot with lots of shade so it seemed like as good a place as any to start.

We ran into several other people hunting the treasure as well.

I asked one woman if she'd found it yet and she laughed and asked if we were looking too. I told her yes and she said "Oh good I thought you probably thought I was a crazy person just wandering around looking in trees and under rocks"

If a non treasure hunter happened onto the Mound today they must have thought the whole town was crazy because there were a lot of people wandering around looking in trees and under rocks.

We talked to one man who said he walked right under it last year and didn't see it.

At least he was in the right park - which is something we don't seem to be able to figure out.

We found several of the landmarks mentioned in the clue but we decided to phone a friend and get more info.

My MIL grew up here so she would know where these places were and we gave her a call. Funny but she couldn't remember the two we couldn't find reference to either.

Maybe those are fake? AAGGHH! Very frustrating.

By now we've searched the Old Schoolhouse and we've been over the mound several times.

The kids have discovered the snacks in the cooler and planted themselves firmly in the back of the van and won't come out.

And the Island King has declared he's not walking up the hill again today.

So we decided to call it a day. Ribs and the patio are calling our name so we headed for home.

I don't feel quite as confident as I did at the beginning of this hunt but we're not giving up.

The next clue comes out on Tuesday so we'll try again then.