Billy Bowlegs Treasure - Clue #5

Where is the Billy Bowlegs treasure?

We certainly don't know.

The hunt this year is different from the treasure hunts of the past. They are using clues from the history of Fort Walton which being a history buff I love but they've never done it this way before so it took us a few clues to realize what was up.

The 5th clue came out and named several old buildings as landmarks.

We went to the library and looked through Arturo's book about Fort Walton (which is absolutely the neatest book - Arturo was a photographer and the book is filled with old photos from the 50's and 60's)and we found all of the landmarks from the clue.

The landmarks draw a square box downtown and according to the clue the treasure is hidden inside of that square.

Well these new boundaries tell us that it's at the Indian Temple Mound, the old school house or Fort Walton Landing.

Both of us agree the clues seem to point to the schoolhouse but we have searched that place really well and didn't find it.

But that doesn't mean it wasn't there - so off we go to look again.

We searched around the school once again and then searched the Mound.

No coin found.

Then we went over to Fort Walton Landing and searched there. The Mound had a few hunters searching there but the Landing was full of treasure hunters.

We did a perimeter search there but didn't cover the whole park. It got dark on us and both of us were tired so we packed up and came home.

While we were searching we met 3 ladies who asked what everyone was doing (it must look strange to pull up to a park at dusk and see groups of people swarming the bushes with flashlights)

We explained about the treasure hunt and they seemed fascinated by the whole thing.

They may be beating the bushes with us next year.

The next clue comes out on Thursday and since the festival starts on Friday I'm sure this next clue will be very specific.

I'm going to get up around 5 and start hunting as soon as the paper comes and I read the clue.

I really don't feel very confident at this point but I want that coin!

I'm not that interested in the prizes but I really want to ride in the parade.

The Island King keeps laughing and saying that I'm only in it for the glory.

He could be right.