Billy Bowlegs Treasure Hunt - More Hunting

We really want to find this treasure so we decided to go back to the park we searched yesterday and search one more time.

We looked everywhere again. We even asked a fat little squirrel that we met in a tree if he knew where the coin was. We offered him a lifetime supply of nuts but he just looked at us for a while and then moved on.

Obviously he's not telling.

After a very thorough search of the park the Island King stood in the middle of the parking lot and quoted Sherlock Holmes - “How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?”

We are convinced the treasure is in this park but we have now done 3 very intense searches and it's just not here.

Our theory must be wrong and we've spent most of this week beating the bushes in the wrong park.

At this point we don't know where the treasure is but we're pretty sure we know where it isn't.

What should we do now?

Each clue has reinforced our theory supporting this park so if it's not here where is it? We sat and re-read the clues and slowly came up with a new possible meaning for the clues. It's not as strong as what led us to this park but we don't think it's here so it has to be somewhere.

Off we go to where we think we should look next.

We were about 20 minutes into our search when the Island King gasps and says "I Found It!!"

I turn around but he had a funny look on his face and by the time I got over to him he was laughing.

He was feeling on top of something and there was a coin!

But then when he picked it up it was a 1995 penny LOL

He said when he first felt the edge of the penny he thought he'd really found the treasure. We kept the penny for luck - at this point I think we need some!

We searched on but saw nothing but a cat. We asked the cat if he knew where the treasure was and he looked at us for a long time but then turned and walked off.

Nobody's talking tonight.

I told the Island King I wish we'd run into that dog that sells Bush's Baked Beans - he'd tell us where the treasure is for sure.

After a thorough search we determined it wasn't in this place either. We sat and thought some more and came up with another possibility. But now it was late and long past dinner time and since the new clue comes out tomorrow we decided to wait until then.

Another day of searching and still no treasure. Very frustrating.