Mother's Day Cache Hunt - Part 1

When my family asked what I'd like to do for Mother's Day I said "Let's Go Caching!"

We have found 96 caches so far and I really wanted to reach our 100th find so off we went.

We planned to spend the day at Camp Helen State Park which is located just east of Panama City.

There are 2 caches at the park and I wanted Paw-Paw's Paradise Cache to be #100 so we needed to grab 2 more on our way in order to hit 100 in the park.

Before entering the park we headed over the Philip's Inlet Bridge into Panama City for 2 quick micro grabs.

We started with In The News Cache in Carillion.

Carillion is a new area just west of the bridge and is really a neat place. It has a small town square, shopping and dining and looks like a great place to spend a few hours.

Imagine our surprise when we came around the corner and found the Blues Brothers standing there!

What a combination - Jake and Elwood and the Island Family.

And who did we run into next? None either than the King himself.

The Island Girl took one look at him and said "See I told you he was alive - I saw him in the airport just last month!

After finding the cache hidden nearby we were off to Powell Lake Boat Ramp for another quick grab.

Lake Powell Micro took us to a neat park with a pier, boat launch, small beach and a playground.

We got lucky and went right to the cache. Grabbing that one brought us up to 98 finds and now it was time to head over to Camp Helen for numbers 99 and 100.