Billy Bowlegs Treasure Update

I feel an overwhelming need to rant and rave for a minute and then I can let the Bowlegs thing go.

An article just came out in the online paper saying that the coin was found at the base of the statue in front of the school board building.

We searched that statue very well and when I read that I couldn't believe we'd missed it.

Then I went on to read that the couple found the coin on Monday.

Well, well, well, we've spent the week searching for a coin that was found days ago.

I really hate it when people find the coin but don't tell anyone until the end of the hunt.

And frankly I just have to speculate about this for a minute.

The people who found it are employees of the school board and isn't it odd that they found the coin 2 clues before there was even a mention of that area? Do you think they saw the guy hide the coin, grabbed it and then waited until now to claim it so it wouldn't look suspicious that they found it at their place of employment - before the clues led you there?

Yes, I'm a little jealous since I really wanted that coin but the whole thing just smells a little fishy to me.


Well that's my rant and now I can let it go LOL