The Birthday Party

Yesterday was Party Day. Since the boy's birthdays are only a week apart we celebrate their actual birthday on that day and then we have a party the weekend that falls in the middle.

This year we decided to have a beach party at Henderson Beach State Park. The boys are all into snorkeling and playing on their boogie boards so they wanted to celebrate at the beach.

We brought snacks and the store bought cake and set everything up under one of the pavilions. It was a perfect day for an outside party - a little overcast so it never got too hot but no thunder clouds or rain.

The Oldest Island Boy got a new mask, snorkel and fins and the Youngest got a wireless controller for the Playstation.

When the Youngest opened his controller he told us that he has wanted one of those "for years!"

The Island Girl wasn't feeling well so after a bit my dad ran her home so she could rest. She has a cold and was miserable in the heat.

After they opened presents and ate cake we moved down to the beach where the Island King and my dad had set up chairs and umbrellas.

The big kids played in the surf while the little guys built sandcastles. My nephews are still little so they are used to swimming in the Bay and weren't sure what to think of the waves.

Zag was fine with them and would lay at the edge of the water and every time a wave washed over him he'd spit and sputter and then run back for more.

Zig didn't like the waves so he spent a lot of time playing on a boogie board in the sand but then after a while he grabbed the board and went running into the surf.

I guess he'd been watching everyone else and decided to give it a try.

After the party we came back to my house for pizza.

We really had a nice day and the kids all had fun. The Oldest's actual birthday is on Wednesday so we've got one more birthday "day" and then we can rest.