Boogie Boarding

I tried to talk my family into a geocaching expedition today but they wanted no part of it.

The Beach! The Beach! they began to chant.

It was a really pretty day and I'd seen the water earlier so I knew it would be perfect for an afternoon of boogie boarding and I decided they were right - today was a beach day.

We loaded the car and went to Henderson Beach State Park. Henderson Beach has a huge beach and never seems too crowded. There weren't many people out today so we had a big stretch of beach all to ourselves.

This is the first summer that the Youngest Island Boy is big enough to really enjoy the joys of boogie boarding and he took right to it. The waves were small and perfect for kids and all three of them rode every one that came in.

The Youngest would be waiting for one and he'd say "not this one, not this one, here comes one - this one's all mine!" and then he'd be off, laughing as hard as he could the whole way.

The Oldest Island Boy and the Island Girl were riding them all of the way to the beach too and after every wave the Oldest would stand up and yell WOOOH!!

Island Girl is turning into our little surfer chick and wants to learn to surf so she spent a lot of time practising some basic surfing stuff her Dad showed her.

He says he's going to teach her to surf which should be interesting since he hasn't surfed in almost 20 years.

Luckily, they are both going to surf with our friend C who surfs a lot.

About sunset a family showed up with a photographer to have beach portraits made. It was interesting for us to watch since we are moving into that area of photography.

About the same time a group of people came down to the beach for a wedding. They set up a place at the end of the boardwalk for the ceremony and a buffet under the pavilion complete with a strolling violinist.

They were just getting started as we were leaving but I'm sure they had a beautiful ceremony.

We had a lot of fun and I know that it won't be long before I hear The Beach! The Beach! again.