Meeting Team Gabbles

My boys have been going to Vacation Bible School at our church all week and I was asked to come and take pictures of the kids for a slide show that would be shown at the closing day ceremony.

I love this kind of work - kids are a lot of fun to photograph and unlike most adults they actually like having their picture taken so I gladly accepted the assignment.

I spent several hours wandering around taking pictures and I noticed that one of the volunteers was a woman who looked very familiar to me.

After a bit I realized that she was the leader of Team Gabbles - a local group of geocachers who have placed several caches in our area.

I walked up and introduced myself (who would have thought I'd ever be introducing myself as the Redneck Rebels Mom LOL) It was fun meeting her and we swapped cache stories and chatted about some of the harder caches we've hunted.

She told a really funny story about her hunt for my pirate cache that is located on Okaloosa Island and I admitted to her that I'd called her some nasty names during my search for her Home Depot cache.

She told me that she's deathly afraid of snakes and so she limits her caching to parking lots and parks during the summer and will only head up into the Reservation during the winter.

I told her I'd give her a call once winter arrives and we can get together for a day in the woods. It's always fun to meet another cacher and I'm sure we'll have fun out caching together.