No Berries Today

I've been trying to get up into the woods to pick blueberries and blackberries for about 2 weeks now with no luck. It seems like there is always something else that needs doing and berry picking keeps getting pushed to the bottom of the list.

Friday night I was busy cleaning out the boy's closet when the Island King walked by and commented on how hard I was working. Then he tells me that he is proclaiming Saturday berry picking day and that we'll hunt a few caches while we're in the woods.


Of course this burst of generosity on his part probably means that he's been shopping online again but I don't care - we're going berry picking and cache hunting!

We both agreed that we would wait until afternoon to go because of the heat. I got up Saturday morning and hustled around getting the house clean and the laundry done and all of those boring but necessary chores finished.

I got everything done and then headed for the grocery store to get some snacks for our trip and something to cook for dinner when we got back.

The grocery store was a madhouse (I know better than to grocery shop on a Saturday here in tourist town but every once in a while I can't avoid it) and it took me quite a bit longer than I expected.

But that's ok - it doesn't get dark until 8 and we'll have plenty of time to hunt a few caches and pick some berries.

Shopping and cleaning are done - now all I have to do is load everyone into the truck and head into the woods.

I come out of the grocery store and what do I see? A very black sky and a big bolt of lightning off to the north. AAGGHH!!

Ok. I'm not going to worry - this is just the usual afternoon thunderstorm and it will have moved on by the time we get to the woods.


When I get home the Island King had the local radar up on his computer and it didn't look good. There were small storm cells all over the north end of the county with more coming in.

This isn't the typical afternoon shower. We really need some rain but does it have to be this afternoon?

We watched the radar for a few minutes and came to the obvious conclusion - there will be no berry picking or cache hunting today.

I guess it's time for Plan B.

We went to the video store and rented some movies and then came home and cooked the steaks I'd gotten on the grill.

It never did rain at our house (figures) but we did see an amazing lightning show over the Bay which confirmed that we'd been smart to stay home - it was storming good up where the berries are.

We ended up having a nice evening at home eating steaks and watching a movie with the kids.

Today is Sunday and there's not a cloud in the sky but we've been invited to a beach party so we're going to the beach instead of the woods. Maybe we can get away for a little while on Monday afternoon and try again.