The Youngest Island Boy's Birthday

Yesterday was the Island Boy's 6th Birthday.

When I woke him up yesterday morning the first thing he said was "I'm 6!"

He'd outgrown his old bike so he got a new one and was really surprised.

He got dressed immediately and went out to give it a try. It's much bigger than his old "baby" bike but he jumped on and took off.

Several days ago I asked him what he wanted to do on his birthday. My dad and I tried to get him to go Geocaching but he adamantly refused, telling me that he wants to be a Muggle and not a geocacher.

He wanted to spend the day at the beach so my dad came over and we went to the beach.

The Island Girl is in the Junior Lifeguard Program so we went to the beach where they train so we could watch her.

It was a beautiful day and the Gulf was crystal clear, emerald green and almost flat. A perfect day for swimming.

So we swam and Pop-Pop showed the boys how to snorkel.

The Youngest still has a little trouble with the concept of breathing through the tube but the Oldest picked it up immediately and then spent the day snorkeling around looking for shells.

We swam and had a picnic and watched Island Girl do her lifeguard training. No wonder she's so tired every night!

They swam, they ran, they paddled out and back on rescue boards - and then they did it all again.

One lady who was sitting close to where they were training saw me taking pictures and asked if I had a child in the program. I told her yes and then she commented on how hard they were training and that she was tired from just watching them.

Late in the afternoon we'd had enough sun and fun so we headed home.

My dad had to go and pick up my mother so he said good bye and then drove into the massive traffic jam on Hwy 98. I felt bad for him - that traffic is rough.

We had hamburgers for dinner at the Youngest's request and we were supposed to go and watch fireworks over the harbor but we were all tired and when it was time to get dressed and go the Youngest said "I don't want to go - I want to stay here and watch a movie"

That was fine with the rest of us.

It was a fun day and the Youngest is really proud to be 6.

We're proud of him too.