Gimme Some Water

The Island King and I were driving through Target parking lot the other day and I commented on the lone fire hydrant sitting in the empty lot in the middle of all of these stores.

I don't remember what I said but it just caught my attention sitting out there all by itself and he said "That would be a good place for one of those nano caches you have."

Yes indeed it would.

I ordered 2 nano caches quite a while back but have never found a good spot to hide them so they've been sitting on my desk - waiting.

We found our first nano back in the spring and it was pure luck that we managed to find it at all because we never dreamed there could be a geocache so small.

These nanos are magnetic and smaller than a penny.

The log inside is a very small piece of paper rolled up to become REALLY small. These are really cool for grab and go caches because you can literally put them anywhere. They fit perfectly on the head of a screw or nail and blend in really well.

So the other day I ran over to the fire hydrant and stuck the nano on the underside of it, marked the location with the GPS and named my new cache Gimme Some Water (I had Eddie Money stuck in my head that day)

So now I have a nano under a fire hydrant in the Target parking lot.

It's an easy find - it's the only thing around and the coordinates take you right to it but if you've never seen a nano before it'll be a little more difficult.

We found our first one only because the Island King touched everything on the post it was on until something moved.

I've had one find on it so far. The Six Little Spookies found it. They're a local family who've found a lot of our pirate treasures so I'm glad they were the First To Find.

I've got 13 caches out now and I need to check on a couple because they got hit at least 10 times each over 4th of July. I love putting out new caches.