Thursday, July 5, 2007

Happy 4th of July!

Our 4th of July started off a little slow but definitely got better as it got dark.

We were planning on spending the day at the beach but the jellyfish were out in full force and so we decided to pass on that.

The boys spent the day watching movies with friends (who also cancelled beach plans because of the jellies) and I read a good book until time to go down to the docks to watch the fireworks.

As it got dark we loaded up and headed for the docks - along with a million other people. The newspaper suggested watching the fireworks from the bridge and luckily a lot of people did so we found a spot on the dock that wasn't too crowded.

The fireworks were great but the real show started after the fireworks were over.

We were sitting right at the entrance of the harbor and there were thousands and thousands of boats out so we watched them all try to get back into the harbor at the same time.

I don't understand why they all have to try and come through this narrow opening at once but everyone seemed to be in such a hurry. It was a madhouse!

We were talking to some tourists that were amazed at how crazy most of the boaters were being. They were cutting each other off and little boats were pulling in front of big boats and the big boats were blowing their horns but not slowing down and then it happened.

A pontoon boat slowed down to keep from hitting the boat in front of it and a speed boat behind the pontoon boat plowed right into the back of it - which sent the pontoon boat smashing into a water taxi that was tied up to the dock.

The 2 boat owners were screaming at each other and they agreed to dock and call the marine patrol.

As soon as the pontoon boat docked the speed boat turned around and took off.

We were standing right in front of the water taxi that had been hit and the pontoon boat pulled in and docked next to it.

The captain jumped up on the dock wanting to know where the speed boat captain was and everyone on the dock told him that as soon as he started to dock the speed boat turned around and took off.

I guess he didn't want to talk to the marine patrol.

No one could see the side of the water taxi that had been hit but the pontoon boat captain said he knocked a pretty good hole in the side of it.

Someone left going to find the owner of the water taxi and it was still afloat when we left so the hole must not have been too big or below the water line.

The tourists we were talking to were amazed at how crazy it was out there and we laughed and told them that 2 years ago we were out in our boat on the 4th and it was so crazy and so scary that we decided not to ever do the boat thing on the 4th again.

Our boat is sitting in the driveway and you couldn't have paid us enough money to go out in that mess.

It's insane and I still can't can't understand why all of them to try and get into the harbor at the same time.

By land is the only way to travel here on the 4th.

After watching several more boats bump into each other we started the walk back to the truck.

Did I say land was the only way to travel here on the 4th?

There were cars backed up as far as the eye could see in both directions and as we were walking we heard a crash on the bridge.

Someone obviously drove into the car in front of them.

Luckily we parked on the north side of 98 so we wouldn't need to get into traffic at all - we could drive on the back roads straight to the house.

As we were walking through the Shell station parking lot we saw a girl trying to open the hood of her car. She was having trouble so the Island King went over to help.

Turns out her car had overheated while she was stuck in traffic and she was going to pour oil into her radiator.

She may not realize it but he saved her a lot of money and trouble by not letting her do that.

The boys and I were standing off to the side in some grass and the Oldest was getting crazy jealous of his dad talking to this pretty girl.

I laughed and told him that he didn't need to worry - this girl wasn't going to try and run off with his old dad.

While the Island King was working on the car several cars filled with young guys pulled up offering to help.

At one point the Island King and the girl both turned around and looked at me and the boys.

When he finished I asked him what that was about and he said that the girl seemed a little freaked out by all of the guys wanting to help her and he told her that she didn't need to worry about him hitting on her because his wife and kids were standing right there.

He put some water in her radiator, explained that she should never open a hot radiator and NEVER to pour oil in it.

After his good deed we walked on to the truck and drove to his brother's house to set off the fireworks we had.

We had a lot of fun and stayed until very late. I know their neighbors were glad to see us leave.

I'm not sure what was louder - the kids or the fireworks we were setting off.

We really had a good 4th - even if we had to skip the beach. But unlike the tourists who have to go home tomorrow - we can go to the beach next week when the jellies are gone.

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