A New Little Cache

Last night when the Island King and I were out hunting geocaches we ran across a little park on Okaloosa Island that I never knew existed. It's called Little Marler Park and is a little grassy spot with some picnic tables and grills right on the water close to the Brooks Bridge.

There is no swimming but it would be a nice place for a picnic.

So this morning I decided to put a cache in this little park. I have a nano that's been sitting on my desk for a while now and this little park would be a great spot to place it. The Youngest Island Boy was taking a nap with his dad so the Oldest Island Boy and I drove over to the park to look for a good hiding spot.

Since this cache is a nano it doesn't take long to find a spot and we decided to hide it under a picnic table. It's magnetic so the Oldest stuck it to a bolt up under the table.

There was a heron in the park and he walked right up to us. I think he wanted fish and if we'd had some I think he would have eaten right out of our hands.

I named our new cache Little Marler Park Cache and hopefully it's small enough not to get muggled.