The Bald Guy

Every morning I drive the Youngest Island Boy and my niece to school. My SIL picks them up in the afternoon and brings them home. One of the good things about taking them to school is the Bald Guy. This man walks his little girl to school in the mornings and I see him almost every day. This man is STUNNING! He's a little over 6 feet tall, built really well and even though I'm not normally a fan of bald guys this man is completely hot. Now let me say that I'm a happily married woman and I rarely even notice other men but I see this man every morning and frankly I enjoy looking at him LOL So this afternoon my SIL calls me and asks me if I've ever noticed a bald guy walking to the school in the mornings. Why yes, yes I have. She then tells me that her friend got into a wreck this morning - because of the bald guy. Her friend goes out of her way to drive past him every morning and apparently this morning she was so busy looking at him that she didn't see the car in front of her stop and she drove right into the back of it. When the police arrived she told them that she was busy looking at the bald guy and wasn't paying attention to the car in front of her - and of course she got a ticket. After talking to the driver of the car she hit she found out that the woman driving stopped because the Bald Guy was walking too slow so she stopped to let him catch up!
My SIL says that now her friend has to tell her husband that she got into the wreck because she was gawking at some man LOL I told the Island King the story but I must not have mentioned that the guy is bald - I just said that he's a very nice looking man. A few minutes later I was looking at the pictures the Island King took on the Youngest Island Boy's field trip today and low and behold there is the Bald Guy, front and center in one of the pictures. I tell the Island King that this guy is in one of the pictures so he walks over to my computer to see what this man looks like and the first thing out of his mouth was "He's bald!" After snorting a little he says "Well I don't think he's that great looking" LOL Then he says "If you think he's so good looking maybe I should shave my head". I know I shouldn't have laughed but I just couldn't help myself. The Island King says "You're laughing because if I shave my head I'll just be a short, fat bald guy, right?" Some questions are just better left unanswered LOL