Expensive Chicken

There is a BBQ restaurant in town that I've been hearing really good things about so I decided we would give it a try tonight. It's right down the road from the school that hosted the Spelling Bee so on our way home we pulled in. This is a drive through only place so I thought we'd get dinner and go home to eat. We pull up to the menu board and the Island King and I are looking it over, deciding what to get. They have a 4 person family meal with BBQ meat, two sides and biscuits for $20. That sounds good but won't be enough and the kids want chicken tenders so I ask what sizes the chicken tenders come in - meaning 4 pack, 6 pack, etc. The cashier comes back with this complicated mumbo jumbo about if you get three tenders they come with biscuits and if you get six tenders they come with fries. I tell her I don't want any sides with the tenders just tenders and she says "You can get a 10 pack with no sides" so I tell her ok that's what we want. Now remember that the dinner for 4 is $20? Well the cashier comes back and tells me that my total will be $40.98. The Island King and I both look at each other and he says "Pull up to the window - she's got something wrong on our order." Up to the window I go and I tell her I think something's wrong because I only ordered a family pack and a 10 piece chicken tenders. She says that yep that's right. I ask her how much the chicken tenders are and she tells me a 10 pack of tenders costs $18. $18!!! The Island King thinks these must be huge tenders so he asks her to hold one up for him to see, thinking that we probably don't need but 2 or 3 if they're that big. The woman holds up a McDonalds size chicken nugget. I'm talking a little chunk of meat - not a breast or even part of a breast - just a little chunk of meat smaller than a golf ball. I saw the nugget and said "You've got to be kidding!" and the woman says "Our chicken is completely free range and contains no steroids or antibiotics." The Island King is looking at her like she has 2 heads and I decided right then and there that there is no way I'm paying $18 for a 10 pack of chicken "tenders" that shouldn't cost more than 3 bucks. I don't care if the free range, steroid and antibiotic free chicken lived in the Taj Mahal I'm not paying that outrageous price. So I tell the woman to cancel my order. She says "You mean the chicken tenders?" and I say "No, I mean the entire order" and drive off. I was absolutely disgusted! I've heard a lot of good things about this restaurant but no one has mentioned that they are literally robbing people blind. Who would pay that? If I were starving to death I'd go right on and starve before I'd pay that amount of money for what amounted to about one chicken thigh. As we pull back onto the road the Island King and I are carrying on about the chicken and it must have dawned on the kids that hey, we just left with no food and they started hollering. I tell them that I just will NOT pay that price and that we'll have to go home and have left over stirfry from last night. That made things worse. NO NO NO they cried LOL Even the Island King made a face and said that while he likes my stirfry that's not what he wants for dinner either. And since this whole debacle started over chicken nuggets that's what they want. Well ok we're going to Chic-Fil-A. That's not on the way home so I drop everyone off at the house and then go on to Chic-Fil-A - which is closed for remodeling. What was supposed to be a quick and easy pull through the BBQ place drive through dinner has now turned into a mess. I drive on past Chic-Fil-A wondering what we're going to have now when I see Burger King. Decision made - Burger King it is. And guess what I paid for 10 chicken nuggets? $2.60. Yep that's right, $2.60. You can call me a bad mom but I don't give a rat's behind where those chickens were kept or what kind of steroids they were on - they fit my budget LOL