It's a Little Chilly

It finally feels like fall. A cold front has brought us some cooler weather and it feels great. Yesterday's high was 66 and it's supposed to be the same again today. I love these little cold spells! It feels like fall outside - which is a welcome change from the 80 degree humid weather we've been having lately. We even had a small fire in the fireplace last night - which I really love.
I sat down night before last and went through the Island Boys winter clothes. I was surprised that so many of their pants still fit. Both boys will need light jackets and the Oldest Island Boy needs a new coat but for the most part they're covered. And of course the Island Girl needs new everything LOL It's amazing how much she's grown this summer.
The Youngest Island Boy was SO excited to be able to wear long pants. He loves cold weather and when it was time to get ready for school yesterday he put on his coat, hat and gloves. I tried to tell him he was a little over dressed but he loves his winter clothes so off he went, ready for an Arctic winter LOL The Island Girl is just the opposite, she hates cold weather with a passion and hates winter clothes even more. The girl would wear shorts and flip flops all winter if I'd let her.
It's supposed to be back up into the 70's again tomorrow but for today we're enjoying the cooler temperatures.