It's Mullet Festival Time

For some, the coming of fall is marked by leaves changing colors. For others it's that first cold wind that blows. For us, a sure sign that fall is here is the Boggy Bayou Mullet Festival. Every October the city of Niceville Florida hosts this awesome festival in tribute to the much aligned yet most delicious fish - the Mullet. The festival started over 30 years ago as a small local festival and has since grown into one of the South's most popular events. This festival is, in my opinion, one of the best in the South. Artists come from all over to display their goods and you can find every kind of craft imaginable. Jewelry, clothing, leather goods, art work - you name and it's there. We saw one booth filled with purses made from empty Capri Sun juice pack containers and another booth with yard art made from old bicycle gears. The festival also has a huge area for the kids with lots of rides, face painting and games. And then there's the food. Every kind of food imaginable. Have you ever had a Deep Fried Hostess Twinkie? Neither have I but I saw lots of people buying them last night LOL They also have a stage with local bands playing and a main headliner each year. Kenny Rogers is here this year and I'm sure he'll put on a fantastic show. And of course I can't tell you about the Mullet Festival without talking about the Mullet. I've heard lots of people from other places call Mullet a nasty fish and that's probably true - where they are - but here along the Emerald Coast our bays have clean, white sandy bottoms and the Mullet caught here are not fishy tasting at all. They have flakey white meat and if eaten fresh are the best fish you'll ever taste.

The Island King and I went to the festival last night - alone. We left the Island Girl in charge of the boys and off we went. This has become an annual tradition with us and it's one we always enjoy. We love to wander around looking at the different booths, sampling the food and listening to the music. We always take the kids on Sunday for family day (no beer is sold and the crowd is a lot more family friendly than the Saturday night crowd)and they spend the day riding the rides and eating cotton candy. We're looking forward to it and I'll post pictures when we get home tonight.