Sneaking In A Geocache

It seems like forever since I've been able to get out and hunt a cache. Real life obligations, rain, and heat have kept me from being able to look for any caches but today my luck changed.

One of my real life obligations actually took me to Ferry Park in Fort Walton and there just happens to be a newer cache there that we haven't found.

The Island Girl had a cross country meet at the park this afternoon and I realized that as soon as she was done we could find the cache and not throw our schedule off at all.

My Dad met us there and he was ready to find the cache too so after the Island Girl's part of the race was over out came our GPSs and off we went.

Ferry Park is a nice park with a long running trail, baseball fields, tennis courts, a playground and a pretty little stream that runs right through it all. We saw a LOT of turtles swimming in the stream.

We didn't see any snakes but the Youngest Island Boy and Pop-Pop were ready with their sticks just in case.

The Oldest Island Boy found the cache

We traded swag, rehid the cache and were on our way.

I love it when I get to sneak a cache into my day!