The $12,000 Fire Pit

Our checking account came with a check card. As time went by we pretty much quit using cash entirely and every purchase we make is with the card. Not too long ago I got a thing in the mail telling us that this card offers Purchase Perks and had an enclosed statement of the Perks we've earned. Since we use this card for internet shopping, bill paying and practically everything else we've racked up a lot of points. I went to the Purchase Perks website to see what kind of stuff they had and saw this I had enough points for it as well as $120 gift certificate to Toy's R Us that I will use for Christmas shopping. So I ordered the fire pit and it came the other day. The Island King put it together and we spent the evening on the patio enjoying the fire.
The Island Boys wanted to roast marshmellows but since I didn't have any they just roasted sticks LOL While we were sitting there enjoying the fire the Island King told me his brother got one of these last week. I commented that they must be pretty expensive and the Island King tells me that no he thinks his brother paid about $100 for it. What?! According to my Purchase Perks statement we spent almost $12,000 and just barely had enough points. This is a $12,000 fire pit but his brother went to Home Depot and got the same one for $100! The next day I was telling my father about it and he said not to worry about it since I wasn't spending money on the card just to get the Purchase Perks. His sister sees stuff in her Perks mail out and then goes out and uses her card just to get points. Oh, well since I had no idea I was even getting points when I used the card I guess we got a good deal. But I still feel like we got a $100 item for $12,000 LOL