Celebration Day

November 30th is always a day of celebration at our house. It's not an official holiday for most but for those of us who live along the coast it's one of the best days of the year. It's the end of hurricane season! We've made it through another season and our house is still standing! Hurricane season is a very stressful time for me and I'm always extremely relieved when it's over. I know that for the next 6 months I won't have to worry about evacuating to a ratty motel room and then the storm changing course and coming full force to the ratty motel (that actually happened to us during Hurricane Ivan and it was NOT good), I won't have to worry about blue roofs or worse - no roofs, and I won't have to worry about the Island King wanting to put his camera in it's waterproof housing and tie himself to a piling on the harbor so he can take pictures during the storm. Yes, you read that right - he really does want to tie himself to something and ride out a hurricane. For a very smart man he's not real bright sometimes LOL He knows first hand how devasting a major hurricane can be. He went to Miami the day after Hurricane Andrew and stayed for two weeks working with a disaster team from our area. He went to work as a tree cutter after Hurricane Opal downed half of the trees in our town. He spent over a week cleaning up the debris that washed up against my grandmother's house after Hurricane Ivan. He spent that same week helping my parents salvage what they could from their home that was completely destroyed. He spent a week putting a new roof on our house after Ivan ripped a good portion of shingles off. And yet he still thinks he'd be fine tied to a post. The Island Girl said the other night that she thinks I should let him just so he can see for himself that it wasn't a good idea. She went on to say "And we can put Here Lies An Idiot on his headstone" LOL

So we've made it through another season and we've got 6 months before it starts all over again. I am going to enjoy every day of it!