Cool by Proxy

Saturday was the Island Girl's birthday and when I asked about what kind of party she wanted she said she just wanted a couple of friends over to spend the night and see a movie or something. Her friends came home from school with her and they were going to see a movie but when we checked movie times the movie she wanted to see was only playing in the afternoon before school got out so they decided to hang out Friday night and then see the movie on Saturday. The Island Boys were staying with their grandparents and the Island King had a convenient headache so I took the girls out to dinner. Her favorite restaurant is Johnny Rockets so that's where we went. Once we got there I pulled out my camera only to find out that the batteries were dead. The Island Girl was glad and told me that it's so uncool for mom to be taking pictures. Uncool? I always thought I would be a cool mom. I sat there listening to them talk about all things teenage and realized that she might be right - I didn't understand half of what they were talking about LOL We had a good time and even though I'm not "cool" they seemed to enjoy my company. Our waiter flirted outrageously with me which caused the Island Girl great embarrassment. I'm just an old mom I was told and no cute waiter should be flirting with me. I guess I'm not as old as she thought LOL

After we left the restaurant we stopped by the video store to get some movies for them to watch. One of the girls is a big movie buff and as we walked past the movie Underworld she started going on and on about what a great scary movie it is. The Island Girl says "My mom is friends with the man who wrote that movie" and suddenly everything changed. Her friend looked skeptical at first and said "You mean you've met him." I told her that no I mean we're friends. My parents and his parents have been best friends for as long as I can remember and Danny and I grew up together - we still see each other on holidays and when he comes home to visit his family. She said "You mean like you could call him on the phone and he would know who you are kind of friends?" I told her yes that I could call him on the phone and that I have lots of pictures of him from over the years and some of him holding the Island Girl when she was younger. Let me just tell you that suddenly I became a REALLY cool mom LOL This girl kept going on and on about how cool it is that I know this man and actually got on her cell phone to call her mother and tell her. I was surprised by her reaction because it's not like I know the movie stars or anything but I guess the guy who wrote it ranks high in her book LOL I could see pride in the Island Girl's eyes and I was "in". They started asking my opinion about all of the different movies and I had to scramble to think of interesting and witty comments about them - which was hard since I don't really watch many movies but I managed to pull it off. It had finally happened - I was a cool mom! LOL

When we got home I told the Island King that I need to call Danny and thank him for writing that movie and elevating me to cool mom status. I'll take it any way I can get it LOL